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Name Website
Cameron, Kevinhttp://www.linkedin.com/in/kevcameron
Campbell, Garyhttp://www.arm.com
Campbell, Ali (Perkins) 
Carothers, Kim 
Carpenter, Samantha 
Carpenter, Darren 
Carrigan, Don 
Champion, Sue 
Cheese, Andrew 
Childs, Larry 
Chouhan, Nareshhttp://global.motorola.com/UK/
Christian, Stevehttp://www.doctordesign.com
Clarke, Andyhttp://www.faradaysearch.com
Coe, Mary Ellen 
Collins, Bruce 
Collins, Brianhttp://www.iora.com
Commons, Martin 
Connor, Ruth 
Conover, Geoffrey 
Cooke, Richard 
Cork, Chris  
Cottis, Stewart 
Cownie, David (Boris)https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-cownie-6694551?trk=hp-identity-name
Cozens, Steve 
Cramer, Ken 
Crawford, Jerry 
Crumpler, Stan 
Cuff, Randy 
Cusack, Mike 
Cutter, Bob 
Cytera, Chrishttp://www.autismistreatable.co.uk