Brian Collins

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Phone Number 44-20-8942-8700
Brian left Inmos, early in 1983, to join a software engineering consultancy start-up in London. He is now in his fourth start-up company - all starting with the letter "I" - Inmos, Imperial SoftwareTechnology, International Business Software and now iOra. Number 3 was bought by Novell and he stayed there six years, before getting fed up with a big company. After 24 years in the business, he is still developing distributed systems - currently it is disconnect able file and web systems. He still has a 1982 A0-sized plot of the S42 chip on his wall - the one with Fat Freddy's cat in one corner and initials in another - "IMB EEB ICB PJC HMC JHC ATF AWF AHG GH JJ DJM NS GS DW RPW".

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