Tony Gore

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Phone Number +44 1278 761000
Tony Gore is now working part time at Candlelight Homecare Services Ltd - a company based in Glastonbury that provides home care both privately and through social services in the West Country and Sussex, and live-in care across the southern half of the UK. Aspen Enterprises is still running, and still doing work for the European Commission. Some work was spun out into Risk Reasoning Limited ( providing collaborative tools for risk assessment and risk management. One of the sales engineers is Stuart Gruszka - another ex-Inmos-ite. Tony is now a proud grandfather of Chloe, and his son is working for yet another ex-Inmos-ite - Paul Fellows - at TVonics, developing digital set top boxes. Were you employed by Inmos in the UK? If so, are you clear whether or not you have a pension entitlement? If you are not sure, you can contact or one of the directors e.g. Tony Gore ( or Jonathan Edwards ( who will pass the details on. Please pass this message on to other former Inmos UK employees you may know. updated Dec 2016.

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