Robert Wipfel

Email Address
Phone Number 801-861-2115
Robert's last project at INMOS: Porting Chorus to the Transputer. Left Summer of 1993. Joined Unisys Corp, Salt Lake City, Utah. Worked for three years with Intel Scientific SuperComputer Division to implement a Chorus based distributed Unix for their Pentium based Massively Parallel Paragon. Traveled for one year to Redwood Shores, California, to port Oracle's Parallel Server to the Unisys/Intel MPP. Robert is now Novell's Architect for Server Clustering products. His 6 years in Utah were actually spent skiing (Salt Lake City will be the venue for the 2002 Winter Olympics - "Greatest Snow on Earth"), paragliding and the best part last: meeting and marrying his wife (who is not Mormon!) and starting a family - one girl, one boy, and no more. The Wipfel Ski Lodge remains open to ex-Inmos folks at heavily discounted rates...drop Robert an email sometime.

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