Neil Mitchell

Email Address
Phone Number 408 656 9500
Neil worked in the CAD group for about 1 year in Bristol before moving to San Jose, CA as an FAE (Transputers, A100/A110, G17x, G3xx, A121 etc) before ST bought Inmos. He stayed with ST and sampled the world of Product Marketing for Transputers and later, for a black period, the dreaded ST devices that Spin! After 18 months of supporting Hard Drive I.C.' s he joined the Chameleon Program as the US Business Development Manager allowing him to get back to his roots and CPU Technologies. After 10+ years with Inmos/ST he jumped ship to Philips Semiconductors, then to a start-up TeraLogic which ultimately merged with Zoran. Subsequent to this Neil joined Genesis Microchip, then a late-stage start-up XCeive, before moving into AutoID/RFID with Alien Technology, IoT with a company called Leeo and most recently joined a start-up SensThys as first employee after the founders. Neil is married and lives in Silicon Valley. Updated March 2021.

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