Steve Ghee

Email Address
Phone Number 44-1454-453301
Steve joined Inmos in 1985 as an FAE, but had way too much fun doing TRAM designs, building flight simulator demos and playing with ray-tracers so moved to Central Apps. Left Inmos in 1989 to co-form Division Ltd. Continuing with tradition, "The Late Night Rendering Crew" spent lots of late nights developing some amazing VR graphics hardware and software, and took Division public in 1993! Whacky VR products mutated into usable CAD visualization tools, and Division was acquired by Parameteric Technology (PTC) in 1999. Steve wants to spend more time with his 4 sons playing with Lego etc., but seems destined to continue flitting between Bristol and Boston in his role as VP (Virtual Prisoner!?)for Visualization R&D. updated Aug 05.

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