Paul Makepeace

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Phone Number 44-7814-728381
Paul joined INMOS in Bristol / Aztec West in 1992 as a pre-university minion. Cunningly seated in the compiler group with Gajinder Panesar, Tony King, Steve Huggins and Andy Pepperdine (with Russell Wayman keeping an eye close by) he grew some Unix/C hairs on his chest before heading to Cambridge for four eventful years. After a year and a bit of some London "new media" experience learning how not to run software projects he was recruited by the Houston, Texas branch of Schlumberger. That lasted about a year and a half after which Monterey & Carmel, California tempted him to its sunny climes with subsequently totally unfulfilled start-up promises. After the 3yr visa ran out in Feb 2002 it was back to London & Bristol. Aside from hacking Perl and feeding & watering Unix boxen, Paul's a IISA qualified skate instructor and is soon to be taking his Certified Fitness Trainer exams. He'd love to hear from old friends! updated Jul 02.

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