David Johnston

Email Address david.johnston@ieee.org
Phone Number 503 380 5578
Website http://www.deadhat.com
David escaped from the collapsing IQ systems group 1992ish to play with F1 cars in Cambridge, working for PI research and the Sauber team. After a year he decided it was no fun and moved onto Symbionics/Cadence/Tality (Later joined by Gareth Husbands). He spent the next 8 years designing WLL systems, DECT phones, GSM phones, web pads, sprog locators, GPS&IS95-in-a-wristwatches, hiperlan chips and an array of other bizarre electronic digital wireless goodies. He learned to wear a suit, sell value propositions and now understands what Eb/N0 is. Somewhere in the middle of this he moved to the Portland, Oregon office and married an American, children happened shortly thereafter. In June 2001, Tality (as they were by then called) decided to close the Portland office so David moved 500 yards up the road to Mobilian, where he returned to scruffy clothes and designing 802.11 chips. The lure of a comfy job in research led him onto Intel a year later where he remains to this day, messing with novel MAC architectures and ruining perfectly good crypto algorithms. You can find him at any IEEE 802 meeting.

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