Jon Stuart

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Jon was conscripted to Inmos in 1993 as a PFUE (aka pre-university deviant) to work in the CAD department on the RMC project; working with Chris Harrop, Bob Green and Mark Trimmer. His mission was to write a VHDL-to-C++ translator to simulate behavioral models faster than speed o' mud IKOS box. Whilst at Inmos he developed a healthy Unix addiction which saw him through long nights at Durham Uni where he played with their T8 imaging arrays instead of concentrating on his Math & Philosophy degree. Messing about with yachts in the Mediterranean filled Jon's post-Uni thumb-twiddling years before he was seduced by the open-source crypto-maniacs A L Digital and was won over to the BSD camp. He wound up as the System-admin at their nuclear bunker hosting facility playing with all things phat. Recently he's been observed paddling a tree trunk up Lake Malawi and financing his orbit around Australia with hit-n-run Solaris contracting. Jon knows it makes sense.

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