Jeff Wiese

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Phone Number 719.599.4197
1110 Bayfield drive had become a routine comute for 10 years after inmos. Cray Research brought me after and after a spinoff Cray Computer did the same. Not over yet and 8 more years later I still lived in the same building 8 hours a day with M/A-Com. When M/A-Com closed the facility I went in a different direction for a career path change. My best friend Sonya Nevers helped me get my foot in the door with Wells Fargo Home Equity. I was a loan processor here in Colorado Springs for 5 years and something I had become used to a layoff was announced. I jumped B4 the end and left early. I was offered a position at T Rowe Price. T Rowe Price employed me for 3 years and for circumstances beyond my control I was looking for employment once again. Unemployment was my friend for 1 year when I was offered a temporary position with Volt Staffing to work at Agilent Technologies. I was offered a position here 2 years ago and currently still with this corporation. Hmm only 13 more years. You know what that means... Retirement, but still need to work until then. Just hope they like what I do here and they keep me for the duration...updated Jul 13. TAFN Jeff

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