Ian Seaton

Email Address ian_seaton@email.com
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Worked at INMOS from 1986-1989 first as a tester programmer then as a Systems Manager. He went on to work at Science Systems helping to control SkyNet/4B and Severn Trent pumping stations before moving back to Digital to fix all the bugs that he put into Office Server/ALL-IN-1 during his first spell working there, surviving both the Compaq and HP takeovers he ended up working integrating the SYSUAF security database with LDAP on OpenVMS. The HP takeover however proved to be fatal. (Another fatality at the same time was his marriage, he got married again in 2007 but then divorced again in 2008). Wanting a change he took a PGCE in Primary Teaching in 2004 and taught 7-8 year olds in a Primary School in Yate. However, after the devastating effect of a false accusation at school he has now moved on again to combine his teaching with his years of computing experience to teach 16-24 year old IT Support apprentices with Pearson in Practice in Bristol. He has two children Nick(1992) who is now doing a Law Degree and Ellie(1994) still doing A Levels. updated Apr 12.

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