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Martin spent a year with INMOS Bristol in 1984/5 and then became the FAE in Silicon Valley until 1988. He left INMOS around the time of the ST acquisition to join Fujitsu and work on the RISC processor revolution, but got the start-up bug and went to GO (Pen Computing) in 1992. Alas, Pen Computing did not really work too well, and $50M later, he spent a year at an Investment Bank and then 10 years at AMD in x86 marketing (well at least internally it was a RISC). The first Transputer was 10MHz and the last Athlon I worked on was more than 2GHz (with 2 cores), but most people are still typing emails and word documents - so what to do with all that excess CPU power. If you're not into nuclear physics or gaming, NComputing is the answer - sharing a single PC with as many as 30 users. Check out the web site. I've spent most of the last year in the developing world, deploying systems with governments for primary and secondary education - and it's really cool to see the impact that computers have on the lives of the "next billion users". updated Dec 08.

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