U.S. 2019 Holiday Lunch

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Don Carrigan and Curt Stearns


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Ken and Dianne Danti


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Rick and Leanne Ritchie


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Brad Luttrell and Don Carrigan


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Randy Cuff


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Jim Adams


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Ken Heddings and Sue Champion


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Daryl Dietrich and Don Carrigan


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Vern Bergling and Randy Cuff


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Doug Mitchell, Kim Carothers and Curt Sterns


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Gary Derbenwick and Doug Mitchell


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Pete Wilson and Marie


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Gary Derbenwick and Doug Mitchell


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Don Carrigan, Kim Carothers and Curt Sterns


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Sue Champion and Brad Luttrell


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Kim Hopkins


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Klaus Dimmler


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Gary Derbenwick and Klaus Dimmler


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Daryl Dietrich and Doug Mitchell


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Ken Heddings and Kim Carothers


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Randy Cuff and Vern Bergling