U.S. 2017 Holiday Lunch

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Leslie Bubick


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Rich Jadomski


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Bob Drew


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Lennie Scimemi


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Curt Stearns


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Brad Hartman


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Leanne and Rick Richie


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Bob Cutter


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Sue Agee (Brown)


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Vern Berling


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Rich Pringle


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Jim Allan


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Don Carrigan


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Klaus Dimmler


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Gary Derbenwick


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Judy Norvell


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Ken Heddings


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Pete Willson and friend Marie


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Bob Cutter and Kim Carothers


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Brad Hartman and Jim Allan


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Pete Wilson Judy Norvell and Jim Allan


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Ron Miller and Sue Chapmion


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Sue Champion


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Rich Pringle and Ron Miller


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Sue Champion and Rich Pringle


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Pete Wilson and friend Marie


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Lennie Scimemi and Kim Carothers


pic28.jpg (114118 bytes)

Dan Bitzer and Judy Norvell


pic29.jpg (112989 bytes)

Sue Champion and Ken Heddings


pic30.jpg (109866 bytes)

Ron Miller, Rich Pringle and Rich Jadmonski


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Kim Carothers and Lennie Scimemi


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Rich Jadomski, Curt Stearns and Ron Miller


pic33.jpg (105327 bytes)

Gary Derbenwick and Don Carrigan


pic34.jpg (106715 bytes)

Rich Pringle and Bob Cutter


pic35.jpg (109103 bytes)

Gary Derbenwick and Pete Wilson


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Brad Hartman and Rich Jadomski


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Sue Agee (Brown) and Rich Jadomski


pic38.jpg (117440 bytes)

Judy Norvell and Jim Allan


pic39.jpg (112160 bytes)

Bob Drew, Brad Hartman, Bob Cutter and Jim Allan


pic40.jpg (114670 bytes)

Klaus Dimmler and Gary Derbenwick


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Dan Bitzer and Judy Norvell